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Re: J. Flo or FFF info please


A possible fishless solution for the java moss would be to put it in a tank 
(or jar/container) without fish or other plants. If you have it attached, you 
can move the entire piece with it. I have found treatment with copper for a 
length of time will eradicate some hair/thread algaes. I'm not sure about 
bba. Java moss does not seem to be sensitive to copper at the recommended 
dosage, say for ick. Actually I doubled the dosage of aquarisol. It was after 
that treatment that the java moss really took off, coinciding with 
introduction of some flagfish (that had brought the ick in) . . . I wondered 
whether their agitation and constant pulling on the plant helped spur it's 

Other than this, 2 female flagfish might help, depends on their appetite for 
your particular algae. They certainly won't hurt it, and they're interesting 
to watch doing a tug-of-war with the stuff. They tend to mimic the other 
fish. If you have a lazy male, chances are you'll wind up with some flagfish 
who won't eat your algae.


>  Ok I am sold on these as a possible soloution to the algae problem in my
>  Java Moss which the Japonica don't seem to want to touch.  My only 2
>  concerns are that they would bother the smaller fish in the tank - tetras
>  mainly with a couple of Rasboras in for good measure, and that they would
>  turn their noses up at the algae in favour of the daily flake food feeding.
>  I would put in more Japonica but they really don't seem to enjoy the algae
>  in the middle of the moss.  Also how hard is it to get hold of these guys?
>  My LFS tried to order some awhile ago so I could see them and got Flag
>  Cichlids instead.