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Re: Mangroves in an aquarium?

Dwight wrote:
> Ever since Gadd made this post, I've been thinking:  How in the world do
> you grow a TREE in an aquarium?  That must be a massive bonzai job!  I
> assume you MUST have an open top tank and Metal Halide lights like those
> European jungle tanks who's plant life extend out into the room!  I read
> somewhere that mangroves will grow just fine in freshwater or even in the
> middle of your lawn with little care; and I have seen several red mangroves
> growing out of a freshwater pond at Flamingo Gardens here in South Florida.
> Does anyone have a pic that we can see online?

If I remember correctly, they use Mangroves in the sump, not the show
tank. That said, why not leave the Mangroves to the saltwater guys and
use Cypress trees instead. I had 2 Cypress trees growing in my 125
gallon, open top tank, for a couple of years, until I had to tear it
down because of fish TB. They're not real fast growers, only had to
prune them every couple of months. Moon's had them growing in tanks for
years, he's the one that got me started. How about it Moon, still have
the photo's on line? (I have a lousy photo of one right after it was
planted. If you're interested, E-mail me off list).

Augie Eppler
Green Cove Springs, Fl