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Re: APD V4 #298 - Aquarium lifespan

> Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 02:42:53 EDT
> From: "Bob Dixon"

> ...I am convinced that the strength of the sealant lies in that
> thin layer between the side of one pane and the end of the
> other.  That is also the part of the sealant that is not exposed
> to atmosphere or water.  I do know for sure that the thinner
> that layer is, the stronger the bond.  I don't understand it, I
> just accept it after observing over and over again.

Think in terms of tire side walls and handling characteristics, then.

With most "adhesive" bonds, the thinner the bonding layer, the less apt you
are to transfer shear and tensile stresses away from the surface-to-surface
interfaces and into the body of the adhesive itself...


David A. Youngker
nestor10 at mindspring_com