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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #298

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 Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 20:57:36 -0400
 From: "Harry Jacobs" <hjacobs at muskoka_com>
 Subject: J. Flo or FFF info please
 >     Why does everyone use these misleading names and abbreviations?  As a
 > Killifish keeper of some thirty odd years FFF for the Jordanella floridae
 > gripes me to no end.  While American Flag Fish is the accepted common
 > J. floridae or J.flo would seem much better to me.
 > Allen McNealy
   Ok I am sold on these as a possible soloution to the algae problem in my
 Java Moss which the Japonica don't seem to want to touch.  My only 2
 concerns are that they would bother the smaller fish in the tank - tetras
 mainly with a couple of Rasboras in for good measure, and that they would
 turn their noses up at the algae in favour of the daily flake food feeding.
 I would put in more Japonica but they really don't seem to enjoy the algae
 in the middle of the moss.  Also how hard is it to get hold of these guys?
 My LFS tried to order some awhile ago so I could see them and got Flag
 Cichlids instead.
 Thanks Elaine
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    What is your location?  My wife and I leave Winchester, VA for The 
American Killifish Association  (AKA) Convention this Thursday.  J. floridae 
will be readily available there.  Possibly we could pick up some for you or 
you may want to contact Ken Normandin in Jacksonville, FL who sometimes 
collects these native fish.  Ken's address is ( killieguy at hotmail_com ).