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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #293

In a message dated 5/19/00 2:52:13 PM, Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

<<  would look for another water source. Well water often contains
high levels of metals that we often do not or cannot test for and
other contaminants due to seasonal runoffs that we cannot control. >>

Aw, c'mon!  Wells vary even more than Aquatic Plants folks have opinions.  
The quality or lack of quality of wells varies from well to well, from state 
to state, from farm to farm, and by depth of well, water bearing formation, 
etc. etc.  If you want to know what your "Well Water" contains, you will most 
probably be able to get a quite comprehensive test for ALL components.  Yes, 
all of those metals you mention,  you can easily test for.  You are more 
likely to get contaminated water from RAIN than from a well.  Look at the 
crud in the atmosphere that the rain falls through.  

Try your Agricultural Extension Service from your Land Grant University, your 
Public Health Department, or just open up the telephone book and look for Well
s and Water Testing.

IOW, it depends entirely on the individual well.  You will rarely, if ever,  
get "Agricultural Contaminents" from wells that are at least fifty feet deep. 
 Yes, you MIGHT get some detectable crud from a sand point driven in about 
fifteen feet deep, but out here in the Midwest Boonies, we don't call that a 
"well."    In our area, the really cruddy water comes from some reeeeeely 
deep wells, or from reservoirs, and the "good stuff" comes from relatively 
shallow wells.  Fifty miles away, no shallow wells can produce much water, so 
they have the cruddy, highly mineralized deep wells.  Ten miles from my 
country home, they have terrible problems getting enough water.  I have a 
well that pumps 450 gallons per minute, with a 72 hour drawdown of only 19 
feet.  Again, it depends on the well.

Blasting "well water" makes as much sense as Blonde Jokes or Texas Jokes.  
Water either comes from a well or from the surface.  Where do YOU think most 
of the crud is?


Test the water.  It does not cost much.