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Re:Aquarium Lifespan

Eric, EFPav at aol_com, wrote:

>    My 55g is approaching 15 years of service, and I have never had any major
>problems.  However, I am seeing some of the silicone sealant on the outside
>(a thin bead inside a small bevel) fray and break off.  I am under the
>assumption this is from years of cleaning.
>    I was wondering: Is there a typical lifespan on silicone sealants, or is
>there a suggested frequency on refurbishment of the aquarium?  Or is the
>lifespan of aquarium sealants indefinite?

I have a 55 gallon that I bought as a leaker in 1973.  I cleaned it out
thoroughly, dried it, and applied the silicone liberally.  It has been
going for 27 years without any trouble.  I have some even older fifteen
gallon tanks, that go back to 1963 and are still holding up.

Paul Krombholz, where we got an inch of rain last night.