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Re: Ich & Temp

> Heat merely speeds up this cycle; it does nothing to kill or
> weaken the parasite.

What cured my fish then, if I used no meds? Have you ever attempted
to use heat itself as a cure? If not, how can you say it doesn't work?

> Many many things will kill ick. Nearly all of them either
> kill plants, kill the fish (with scaleless fish such as
> catfish being the most sensitive) or flat out don't work.

I agree with this. That's the frustration! Also, IME, what
works for one person doesn't always seem to work for another.
One of the products I used for ich on my scaleless fish was
Jungle's "Ick Guard II." I found it to be ineffective. The other
stuff I tried (at 1/2 strength) proved harmful to my Botias.

BTW, I used a darkened tank because of *speculation* that at some
point in the life cycle of ich it might be light dependent. (I had read an article
that questioned such). I was quite desperate, and tried everything I
could think of to get rid of it...and *something* worked.


Walter B. Klockers
Plano, TX