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RE:Adding K+

>It's been a month since Pet Warehouse has backordered my order of Potassium 
>Flourish. Does anyone know of a mail-order source that can actually ship 
>this? I am using the Aquarium Landscapes Formula K for now ( at 2 1/2 times 
>the price of the Flourish!) but at the recommended dose ( 10 ML per day) 
>there's only a 25 day supply. Also , can anyone tell us what is in formula 
>K....Shawn are you out there?  There is no list of ingredients on the 
>bottle. What does 10 ML  add to my aquarium water? It appears that my Java 
>moss has actually started to grow , after 2 months in the tank, after a 
>week of adding Formula K. But at about aprox. $11.00 a month it's a bit of 
>a steep price to pay! I supplement with KNO3 also, but don't really need 
>the extra nitrate it adds. 
>Bob Buettner
>Visit my Freshwater Aquarium site at:

Great site BTW Bob.
Add K2SO4 instead. 5$ will get you a lifetime supply. Potash of sulfur by
Green All for 10 lbs.
1/4 teaspoon adds 5ppm to 35 gallons of water or something close. Extra SO4
doesn't cause any issues like NO3 

This way you can add whatever mix of Trace elements while having more
control of those macro nutrients, N,K, and P and not have to worry about
which trace fertilizer you use so much.
Sounds like the stuff is quite expensive your using! TMG in 5 liter bulk is
very cheap BTW and damn good and a proven performer. Adding these, TMG,
K2SO4, KNO3 and perhaps some PO4 is all I think one needs for the water
column. I've used Flourish liquid and their iron but I like TMG personally
but there's not an huge difference.
Tom Barr