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Re: Well water

> > I live about 50 miles north of Houston in the boonies and have a 200
> foot well (oogalalah reservoir, or however you spell it).  The water is VERY hard (180 to 220 GH) and is great  for African Cichlids) - No metals (we test for this annually), but 2 ppm phosphate.  No nitrates.No iron.

> Have had success with most plants except crypts, and I am not sure the water is at fault there.

> The big plus is that I can do 75% water changes on my 135 gallon weekly
> without worrying about chlorine or chloramines.  Takes 2 minutes to
> drain using a 1" shop vac hose going out the front door and about 5 minutes to fill
> directly from the garden hose.chlorine and chloramines.

I have a small RO unit to provide soft water for breeding rams.  Last night we got 7" of rain in one hour and have an abundance of good water thanks to the 35 gallon garbage cans I parked on the side of the house.

Just wish I could find a good DSL in the boonies.