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Re:Weird surface film algae?

Peter writes:

> I first thought it was just pollen from outside (warm day and I had all my
>  windows open) but the powdery looking stuff floating on the water has grown
>  until it has formed a heavy film.
>  Has the consistancy of dust but definately green and multiplies like algae
>  (fast).
>  Only floats... the rest of the water is clear.
>  It can get thick enought to stop my water lettuces that usually move around
>  with the current.
This stuff shows up on this list on occasion.  No one can give a clear and 
definitve answer what it is, but it tends to show up on newer tanks.  An 
airstone and siphon skimming can keep it at bay.  Eventually, it seems to go 
a way on its own, but I have had BGA attach itself and grow quite thick on 
it.  Then you have a whole different problem to fight with.

Snd speaking of BGA, my daughter recently studied microbial life forms in her 
4th grade class.  They called it "Blue-Green Bacteria", which is probably a 
more accurate name for it.

Bob Dixon