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Re: Lighting Issue

Cavan writes:

<snip>> I'm also thinking of an alternative to the Perfecto
>  fixture.  I got one awhile ago with a faulty ballast
>  that would switch one of the lamps on and off.  I got
>  it replaced without a problem, but...
>  Are there other brands that are readily available and
>  inexpensive?  I suppose an electronic ballast would be
>  nice, but expensive?

I have also been disappointed with Perfecto's lack of perfection, quite 
frequently, in fact.  I stick with All Glass Aquarium tanks and hardware.  I 
haven't yet had a problem with any AGA product, and the prices are 
competitive.  Okay, maybe a buck or two more for a hood, but the difference 
in price is not as great as the difference in quality.  The last Perfecto 
hood I bought came with the ballast unattached.  I mean, it was in the right 
place, and wired up properly, but no one bothered to install the mounting 
screws.  To me, that is sad.

On a side note, AGA bought ouut Oceanic about a year ago.  I keep thinking 
this will make them Oceanic tanks available here in the Northwest soon, but I 
haven't seen any.  Does anyone know whether the line is still in production?

Bob Dixon