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Re: Well water

> Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 10:54:48 -0500
> From: David Soh <dsoh at iastate_edu>
> Subject: Well water
> Thanks for the responses to my query on well water. Regarding un-oxidized 
> iron in the water. I noticed iron rust like stain at the bottom of a 
> container after a few days. Is this form of iron available to plants ?  By 
> the way I didn't smell any Hydrogen sulfide in my water and the hardness is 
> not too excessive, according to my plumber who put in a water softener for 
> me. My well is 250 ft deep. Thanks.
In the 35 years that I've had aquariums I've never used anything BUT well water. I've never lived where municiple water was supplied. You should have a sample tested ( always a good idea anyway, you are drinking it!). Many areas with wells have been built on old farm land ( at least here in the northeast) where fertilizer run off , after many  years has added chemicals ( phosphates being a major problem) to the groundwater. I've lived in an area where  the water was VERY hard and it was necessary to have a water softener installed to keep mineral deposits out of the hot water heating system. But.......be careful.....I would not recommend using the output from a softener for your tank  as it adds ( I believe) sodium ions to the water in the softening process. You will notice a flat taste to the "softened" water also. The good installations only soften your non drinking water and let your tap water alone! Makes it easier for soap to do it's job and helps prevent clothes from getting stained in washing. Many years ago, before RO water processors were afordable by the average working person,  I bought distilled water in 5 gallon bottles and mixed with the hard tap water to breed Discus. You should find growing plants in well water a good thing! Get it tested and go from there, hopefully phosphates will not be present, which IME is the only really major problem with some well water. Water changes are a dream....just hook up the old Python....out with the old....in with the new!
Bob Buettner
In sunny...uh...rainy...uh....thunderstorms....uh... hot....chilly...wait a minute the weather will change again......northwest Connecticut
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