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re: Ich Treatment & pruning Q

    I had an outbreak of ich after i bought a few hatchetfish without
inspecting them closely enough (i trusted that petstore, aie, my bad.) My
little spotted puffer showed the worst signs, and indeed, i thought he would
die, when i started treating the tank with Rid Ich (malachite green and
formalin). I have a 46 gallon bowfront, and i'll admit that it has more fish
in it than it should have, including a ton of catfish-ites (corys,
farlowella, upside down cats, ottos) that can be injured by ich meds. I
treated it by a) raising my tank temp up to 78 degrees to help the ich life
cycle go faster, b) treating with 3 tbsp every other night (ich meds are
light sensitive so do it at night!) and c) doing a 25 percent water change
before each treatment -- and oh yeah, i took the carbon out of my filter
too, like it says too.
    All the fish, sick puffer included, came thru fine (i did euthanize the
two worst cases of the hatchetfish, thinking that they were more carriers
than anything helpful) all the plants are still going great, and i didn't
lose any inverts, snails or shrimp.

    Hope that helps :) -- now for plant stuff -- the giant sag that Dwight
sold me (hi Dwight :)) um, i think that was its name, the long grass like
plants, is now reaching the top of my tank (17 inches!), and trailing a good
4-5 inches on the surface. Can i mow it? I don't want to hurt it, and i like
the way it looks, but my dwarf gouramis are going crazy building bubble
nests in the shelter from the filter-swirl that it provides. I think if i
cut it they'll chill some, and stop sassing my other fish, but i don't want
to mess it up -- local LFS where i am have no variety, so i don't have a
local place to fall back on.

    Erin Denton :)