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Re: Dying/brown leaves on Hygro

> I have a strange (at least to me) nutrient deficiency (?) problem in my new
> 75 gallon tank. It happens to fast-growing plants only; the most affected
> by far are H. Difformis and Anachris. The leaves turn brown and fall off,

Fast growing... I'd guess nitrogen deficiency.  

> getting a nutrient from my substrate? That would seem to indicate Iron
> deficiency, but it doesn't look like the pictures I've seen.

Probably not iron, iron will show up first in new growth.  Old growth
dying off is probably from a deficiency, and the plant reclaims the
missing nutrient from old growth, and sends it to the new.  But iron
isn't mobile.  

Wisteria is a real nitrate magnet.  So a nitrogen or phosphorus
shortage would be likely.   I can easily tell when my nitrate is
low, without a test kit.  When the duckweed and frogbit growth
slows down, I know my nitrates have hit zero.  

Try a piece of a jobes stick at the roots of the wisteria.  I
bet it perks right up.

Chuck Gadd