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RE: aponogetifolia/dream on

>Paul Krombholz, wondering if the rain in LA will make it into MS and
>wondering where I can get Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia.  

I'll give one up to you Paul. I also have pygmaea, usteriana var latifolia,
alba(not albina which I have too), and a usteriana x walkeri from Alexi
which looks very promising as a submersed plant IMO, lingua, spiralis,
hudori and the common ones. It may be awhile(2 weeks or so) but I can get
one to you. I have raised up a F1 of C.lingua from my seeds. I would like to
cross lingua with something, perhaps walkeri, spiralis, undulata if I can
get them to bloom together ever.
Maybe someday:)

Dream on:
The local store I work/subcontract with, Nippon, may soon be placing a CO2
manifold on all of their plant sales tanks (9 x 70gallons) as they are
starting to move towards some more planted tanks. There may be a UV set up
on it as well. I know they get some plants from Jermark who gets stuff from
FAN so I'll see what special/unusual plants they can get so some of the more
uncommon plants may be available to some folks.
Figures..........just when thing are the way you want them........I have to
move to Santa Barbara!
Oh well.

I can only spare one plant at this time so please don't ask for an
aponogetilfolia unless your name is Paul Krombholz! 
Tom Barr