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Re: Dream on...

Don wrote:

>I was just wondering (had too much spare time lately... =D ) if you could
>>build your own LFS that had a section specifically for planted tanks how
>would you design that section? Also, make your dream realistic and if this
>thread gets a good response maybe we can show some of our favorite LFS and
>have them change some things. Hoping to hear from everyone.

All plants displayed would be free of hair algae.  There would be four or
five tanks, and the water would be circulated through these tanks and
through a UV sterilizer or another tank with Daphnia to keep the water
clear.  (The Daphnia tank would be way more cool!)  CO2 would be added,
Lights would be bright.  There would be chelated iron in the water so that
the plants could be planted in plain sand and still get enough iron.  The
tanks would have all the plants listed on the big list at Petswarehouse,
not the little list of what they actually have.   In addition, there would
be about ten varieties of Crypts that aren't currently available in the US
at all.........whimper! whimper!........My eyeballs are rolling.  My hands
and feet are twitching........

Paul Krombholz, wondering if the rain in LA will make it into MS and
wondering where I can get Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia.