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Algae on Wood

>>Also, I would very much like to know how the driftwood
>>in the tank on the back cover of the first Amano book
>>can be covered with a rather nice looking algae while
>>the rest of the tank is spotless.
>Maybe I'm cynical, but I see two very obvious answers:
>1. Ten minutes before the photo was taken, the driftwood was in a different 
>2. Amano and his minions painstakingly trimmed every last trace of algae 
>from every other object in the tank.

I suspect a different answer.  I have a larger piece of driftwood in my
125G that comes right up to the surface, close to one of the MH pendants.
It has a very short turf of bright green algae on it, although there is
none elsewhere in the tank.  If you look at it closely, you can see
irregular "tracks" across it whre it is regularly grazed by the Otos and
SAE's in the tank.  I suspect that a small amount of nutrients leach out of
the wood, just enough that under the strong light, it can support algae
growth that can't find a foothold elsewhere in the tank.  The driftwood
went into the tank upon set up at the beginning of last August, and the
aglgae has been ther _almost_ from the git-go.  Oh, and I _guarantee_ you,
that I have no army of minions available to clean algae out of my tank for
me ;-)