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Daphnia source

My office in Foster City has a concrete pond out front that is
very popular with the ducks.  I was out this morning watching
a mother duck with her 5 ducklings, and noticed that the water
is *very* green.  I went to take a closer look and realized that the
pond is teeming with daphnia.  I've collected daphnia from lakes
before, and I've never seen a population anywhere near this dense.
In fact, I rarely get my daphnia culture at home to such densities,
and I have to feed that with lots of greenwater and fine powdered
daphnia food!  And these in the pond are *big* daphnia magna,
too.  Happy fish tonight!  Anyone in SF Bay Area looking for 
a starter culture?

Required aquatic plant content:

I've got two more bags of riccia and one of water sprite here.  Prefer
local pickup/dropoff, but I can ship them for $3.20.  Anyone?

David Ozenne
Fremont, CA