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Re: Seasonal changes in water hardness/pH?

> I'm going to check with NBMA tomorrow, meanwhile I'm wondering if this kind 
>  of fluctuation should be expected?

I checked with the water authority. For the most part, they try to obtain our 
water from the Lehigh River (soft water), but when there are problems with 
the river source, they go to a backup supply, a dam nearby the water 
authority which has very hard water. 

Because of an algae bloom in the river, occurring due to rise in temperature, 
people are complaining about taste and odor of their tapwater. The authority 
went to 75% river and 25% dam.

They use this backup supply periodically as needed. Say there would be a 
spill of some sort in the river, they would have to more heavily rely on dam 

It was also explained that pH varies widely during the day, rising a full 
point (say 7.0 to 8.0) from morning to evening, though they try to stabilize 
it going out. I don't consider this fluctuation of much importance or 
consequence for my purposes, as it is due to photosynthesis rather than 
hardness content.

I called last year to get the lowdown on my source water, when I set the 
tanks up. I recall getting the idea that parameters were more or less stable. 
Learn as you go.

Better keep those test kits handy.