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Aussie bio-invaders

Apologies in advance if anyone thinks this is too "off topic" but given
recent debate on this list; there is a quite interesting book for anyone
seriously interested in the effects of exotic plant and animal

Feral Future: the untold story of Australia's exotic invaders   .....Tim Low
1999, 380 pp
Viking, Penguin Books  www.penguin.com.au
ISBN 0 670 88465 0                                or 577.180994

Low argues that:

*	Nurseries, pet shops and botanic gardens are serious sources of new
*	Gardening is damaging Australia's environment more than mining
*	Australian plants and animals are fast invading the rest of the
*	Bio-invasion poses more of a threat that greenhouse, industrial
pollution and ozone depletion !!!

Anyway .... if anyone is interested in some downsides of our mutual
addiction ... there you have it ...