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Baby tears anyone?

Hello Everyone,

I recently purchased some baby tears from Dwight, but I'm now looking for 
the other type that is found in Amamo's books and photographs.  Anyone know 
where I might be able to locate some of this stuff?

On another note, with all of this talk about flourite, I recently made the 
plunge and decided to convert the lower 2/3 of my 55G tank to flourite.  The 
plants are doing okay, but I'm too busy to fart around with daily dosing.  
So, I've started doing the biweekly addition of Flourish and 1/4 teaspoon of 
K2SO4.  The plants are okay, but I think that the addition of flourist would 
help the growth.  I inject CO2 and have ever 3Watts per gallon.  The water 
is soft, GH 3 and KH 2-3, with a pH of 6.5 of less depending on the CO2.  
I'd like to know if anyone else who uses flourite and what their fertilizer 
regiment is in their planted tanks.  I have 29G that is 40:60 flourite to 
gravel and it's doing wonderfully.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Please email me off list about the baby tears.  Thanks.

Bailin Shaw, President
Oklahoma City Aquarium Association
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