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RE:Albany Aquarium

>I have a favorite employee at Albany, and i only go on the
>days he is working. If the manager you speak of is that dour
>looking lady with brown hair, i can imagine her treating you

Yep, that's the gal.

 I've talked to Guy, and he seems like a great guy. I
>always wait to talk to Matt, who is very good with plants,
>and cute too! <insert girly giggles>

Good to see that Guy has a a good one. I think Guy is there on Friday's.
>Nippon also treated me well. I freaked out because after
>several days of calling about the availability of flourite, even
>calling that morning to make sure it was there, after ten dollars
>in gas and an hour drive, i arrived to find no flourite. I'm not
>sure who i talked to (the guy upstairs) but they weighed out
>about 120 pounds of flourite for me out of the bulk bin and
>gave me the bagged price. 

Since I sub-contract planted tanks for them, I am often waiting for Flourite
myself. They recently loss Craig (120 lbs) who did all of their ordering and
with flourite demand what it is here due to me(I had some 25 bags used this
month alone) and others in the area it was very hard to keep in stock. Yes,
I too drove a few times to find nothing there just like you. That should be
changed by now since Steve has gotten on it or I hope he has. At least you
didn't have the laborious chore of washing 25 bags of flourite! I also only
get paid after I get the work done. No flourite, no paycheck/money!

I believe i dropped some names
>(like Tom Barr ;-) and Dave Gomberg) and the guy upstairs
>showed me all kinds of neat plant gadgets while we were
>waiting to hear from the delivery driver. Also picked up some

Sounds like Steve.
>I'm not a Concord Aquarium fan. Sick fish, poorly taken care of,
>is my experience. However, right down the road, The Aquarium,
>also in Concord, is very good. My favorite short drive LFS.

I'll take a look when I do get a chance. Haven't been to Concord for 2-3
years now. They were a bit pricey on AF cichilds IMO. Most stores are IMO
but I tend to get all cichilds from breeders only anyway since I use to be

>I'd also like to compliment Peter at AAG for great customer
>service. I had a problem with some lighting equipment (their
>mistake) and he refunded the price of the item *plus* shipping,
>both ways. And promptly too.

Peter cares about service. A good guy.

>On a side note, i missed seeing your plants at the SFAS auction
>this month. I went specifically to buy plants, but without you
>there, there was little to choose from! Nice fish though, and i
>won the tank prize in the raffle, so i can't complain too much.

Sorry about that. School/finals/work and all. Next month will my last at
SFAS, as I am moving to go to UC Santa Barbara this fall. 
You folks will now have to grow your own!
Tom Barr