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Re: Albany Aquarium and Bay Area LFS's

Tom Barr wrote:
> >I just have to step in here and defend Albany Aquarium, as it is
> >my favorite LFS. I'm not sure what your definition of "filthy" is,
>> but i have never seen dirty tanks at Albany,
> I sure have ............many, many times!

Maybe the lights were out over that tank when i was
there <g>.

> Ocean Aquarium on Cedar in SF is cool IMO. Justin and his very
> nice wife are- oh- so nice. Prices are better. Both places are seedy
> though with Ocean being even more so. Careful not to trip if you go there!

Seedy i can handle. It's parking my land yacht, a 1970
Dodge Charger (dukes of hazzard style) that is the problem.
I'd heard good things about Ocean Aq, so i will be making
a trip out there soon. Sixth Street Aq & Flowers is the most
frightening LFS i have ever been to. I will not go back there.
That little railing that runs around the second floor of the
building is not structurally sound, or at least it scares the
hell out of me!

> Many stores do this but mainly with salt fish. We all should support this
> method. It will save you $ in the long run. Justin has been extremely good
> on this one with FW fish. Altums, cory's, Discus etc.

I've heard they've got a nice selection of dwarf cichlids too.

<snipped bad experience report>
> I really try to support LFS's  and I really like Guy, but the service
> incident has really caused me to stay away. I hope this never happens to
> anyone else that goes there and is likely an isolated incident.

I have a favorite employee at Albany, and i only go on the
days he is working. If the manager you speak of is that dour
looking lady with brown hair, i can imagine her treating you
poorly. I've talked to Guy, and he seems like a great guy. I
always wait to talk to Matt, who is very good with plants,
and cute too! <insert girly giggles>

> I have good experiences at Nippon(Ernie and Steve),Lucky
> Ocean(Steve), Ocean Aquarium(Justin) and Concord Aquariums in
> the Bay Area. I should go to Alameda Aquarium also but hate the
> drive to get there from where I live. I'll go back to Albany if they get
> rid of that manager. Where I work, the customer is always right and
> they are treated that way.

Nippon also treated me well. I freaked out because after
several days of calling about the availability of flourite, even
calling that morning to make sure it was there, after ten dollars
in gas and an hour drive, i arrived to find no flourite. I'm not
sure who i talked to (the guy upstairs) but they weighed out
about 120 pounds of flourite for me out of the bulk bin and
gave me the bagged price. I believe i dropped some names
(like Tom Barr ;-) and Dave Gomberg) and the guy upstairs
showed me all kinds of neat plant gadgets while we were
waiting to hear from the delivery driver. Also picked up some

I'm not a Concord Aquarium fan. Sick fish, poorly taken care of,
is my experience. However, right down the road, The Aquarium,
also in Concord, is very good. My favorite short drive LFS.

I'd also like to compliment Peter at AAG for great customer
service. I had a problem with some lighting equipment (their
mistake) and he refunded the price of the item *plus* shipping,
both ways. And promptly too.

On a side note, i missed seeing your plants at the SFAS auction
this month. I went specifically to buy plants, but without you
there, there was little to choose from! Nice fish though, and i
won the tank prize in the raffle, so i can't complain too much.

danville, CA