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Re: SAEs Vs F-lorida F-lag F-ish


1.	I used the same series of online pictures to do my SAE I.D.'s that you
chaps are all familiar with.  

2.	Need I repeat, I dont own fish food.  If it doesnt eat algae, it dies.
Simple as that.  

Sexton's Pic..AHHHKK! :-(

I would look for another reason as to why the alage is so bad in that tank
than the FFF sleeping on the job.  Suggestions:

1.	You add fishfood to the tank to feed the other residents.  No one but a
commited vegetarian will chose to eat "spinach"(algae)  when given a choice
of 2 square meals / day of vitamin re-enforced filet minon (flake food) and
VEAL! (live food). [BTW, "commited vegetarian" does NOT mean I think ill of
vegetarians, lest the "Thought P-oli-C-e" claim that I think vegetarians
should be commited! :-]

2.	We have previously noted on the list, that fish that are "aggressively
herbiviorous" in their youth, can become much more omniviorous in late
adulthood.  FFF will breed at 1/2 the size as the fellow you have pictured,
so I gather he's an old bloke who prefers to feast on other food.  Remove
the others, give 'im some FFF company and in a WEEK the situation will
vastly improve.  In two weeks it will be gone.  But, don't feed! 

3.	They get a bit finniky if kept w/o potential mates.  This finniky
behavior can be mitgated by adding a pair of females.

4.	Under similar conditions, SAEs will ALSO chose to eat your daily treats
than to consume algae.

On a lighter note, a few months ago I bought several orders of riccia from
AAG and placed them in my oldest aquarium (w/o FFF) a couple of weeks
later, I noticed two baby FFF darting amoung the riccia!  Since FFF prefer
to place their nests in floating vegetation, I summize FFF eggs traveled
from Arizona via a shipment of riccia!

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