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RE: Uticularia gibba

This is it Shawn. 
It loves to infest Amano's Riccia like my own Riccia. It is quite
interesting to me while also being at the same time somewhat of a pest. It
is difficult to remove it once it gets into your tank(s). It does hold
Riccia together very well BTW...................
It also gets into lace plant leaves like sinking Riccia causing a real pain
but is much easier to remove. 

A much better candidate is U. vulgaris as it looks quite like a fine needle
stem plant that can grow up to 6 inches a DAY! In less rich waters/less
light it can remain much less invasive (these tanks are very high light and
very rich). It gets the best looking bladders I think of all the
bladderworts. It is easily removed and planted but it has no roots but
that's OK also. I push some stems into the gravel and it holds OK without
causing any problems.

Some folks do like(U. gibba)it, some don't. U. vulgaris everyone pretty much
likes. If you can ever see in a tank thriving it is a cool plant BTW. Narly
flowers too. 

Of all the fine needled plants U. vulgaris is the most resistant to algae
IMO. 6 inches a day of growth...........but also it just doesn't seem to get
Hope this helps. I should have some pic's soon for folks on this and others.
Tom Barr