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Lighting Issue

Hey everyone.  On my thirty gallon tank I have a new
Perfecto 36" double strip fixture and another very old
single strip on the front that I wired a new ballast
into.  It is barely holding together, and I want to
replace it soon.  Its ballast is behind the light
instead of on top of it, so its about as wide as the

The zeros represent the bulbs in this diagram, and the
line the glass cover.  

 0  0 0

If I got a new double to replace it, that would make 4
watts per gallon, BUT, I have noticed that if the
front or back fixture is off, the part of the tank
without a light directly over it is pretty dimly lit,
or even dark.  I'm thinking that a new double would
just provide more even light distribution.  Instead of
the above, it would look like this.

0 0  0 0

I'm also thinking of an alternative to the Perfecto
fixture.  I got one awhile ago with a faulty ballast
that would switch one of the lamps on and off.  I got
it replaced without a problem, but...

Are there other brands that are readily available and
inexpensive?  I suppose an electronic ballast would be
nice, but expensive?

Thanks, Cavan. 

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