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pleco damage

Roger mentioned his clown plecos were enjoying his "salad bar" tank.  In
answer to his question,  I have one zebra pleco in a heavily planted
tank (99% java fern)  and have
never noticed any damage.  He has been in this tank for about 3 years.
He killed the other 5 zebras he was supposed to breed with (in an
unplanted cichlid type decorated 135
gallon) but has left the plants alone in the 5 1/2 gallon he got put
into for punishment.   Afraid to mix him with my corys ... Wonder if a
group of zebra plecos and adolofo
corys could co-exist peacefully in a heavily planted 92 gallon tank,
maybe even breed....  I know the corys breed all the time (and
subsequently eat all the eggs).  Oops sorry I
took off on a tangent.  No plant damage from the pleco here.

Daphne in Hotlanta where it IS!