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Re: Offensive comments

Couldn't this be interpreted as a spouse, whether male or female?

Since my husband doesn't share my enthusiasm for the hobby, he can be rather 
a pain in the neck sometimes--well, considering my tanks are causing the 
floor in our almost new 3-year-old house to warp or sag . . .

He'd have a fit if he knew what I've spent on plants. He thinks all fish 
should be under $3. For what I've spent in the past year, we could have 
landscaped our property (and more) and he could be swinging in his hammock 
between the two trees (a dream of his) that aren't there because we're 
strapped . And this all started with a free, hand-me-down tank.


> <<<Controlling algae may be a convenience thing for most of us at best and 
>  worst controlling algae keeps the "ball-an'-chain" off our backs so we dont
>  get arguements about that expensive tank (gross), ruining the decore
>  ...yhadda, yhadda.>>>
>  I for one find this kind of comment offensive, and I would bet that your
>  wife does too, Dwight.