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Re: plec damage

I have one clown plec and a bristlenose in a tank where I was trying to grow 
some parviflorus. I noticed the leaves had holes in the leaves, and couldn't 
really take off in there, so I removed them. Around that time, I recall, 
edges were bitten off anubias leaves. At some point I tried moving an ozelot 
that was getting too large for another tank, in there. It was covered with 
green fur algae and thought the bristlenose would take care of it. He 
did--and more (or did the clown plec?). It must have tasted so delicious 
because whoever it was really went to town, because the leaves were thinned 
and hole-ridden. I removed the plant, which had no algae remaining on it.

More recently, I put a amazon sword plant in there, along with the Red Flame 
sword. For some reason, these are left alone. The Red Flame sword has more 
rigid leaves, it seems, but the amazon sword I have no explanation for. My 
anubias leaves are fully intact also.

I'd have to say I don't know what the clown plec eats. I rarely see him, and 
even forgot about him. I was beginning to wonder if he was still alive when I 
saw him keeping under cover of plants and scavenging after feeding time the 
other night. I guess if he's got sufficient left-overs on the bottom he 
doesn't go after the plants.  


> I have a tank with two clown pleco's.  A couple months ago I transplated
>  an Echinodorus "Rose" into the tank and a couple weeks later started
>  seeing damage on the leaves.  I eventually associated the damage with the
>  pleco's.
>  I've had these little clown pleco's for 7 or 8 years and I've never really
>  blamed them for plant damage.  Has anyone else kept these guys and found
>  that they do damage plants?
>  If so, it might explain some of the other weird problems I've had in this
>  tank.