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Fat clean up crew?

Ok, this may seem like a dumb question, but here it goes.  What and how 
often do you guys feed your algae eating fish?  I have 1 Farlowella, 3-5 
Otto cats (they are always hidden in the plants so I am really not sure how 
many there are), 1 clown pleco, and 2 Flag fish in a 55 gallon tank.  They 
aren't making a dent in the algae!  Infact, it continues to get worse.  It 
seems as though my black mollies pick at the algae more than anyone else, 
but have absolutely no impact.  So, back to my original question, am I just 
overfeeding these guys? I have alot of fish in there and they get fed flake 
food twice a day, and some sinking algae pellets once a day.  Should I not 
feed the algae pellets?  ARe they just not good fish for hair, spot, BBA, 
and very other kind you can think of (I have them all....).  I can live with 
algae, but these guys need to earn their keep! :)


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