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Dirty LFS tanks and Disease

<< , but their tanks were really filthy! I was almost afraid to buy 
 anything there. >>

Beware. One lesson I had to relearn (the hard way) was if the LFS does not 
take good care of the tanks, buy elsewhere. I ignored that bit of advice five 
days back, and I  now have eight ich-ridden Black Neon's infected by two 
Clown Pleco's I bought there. Funny thing, the six SAE's are doing fine.

I'm trying a salt cure for the Pleco's and Neon's. If that does not work Out 
they go. I'm not about to risk killing off the 50 odd plants that are doing 
so well with that toxic stuff.

Ever try to net a Neon in a 120 plant tank? Needless to say I'm furious.  If 
I don't see an improvement within 48 hours, I'm yanking all the plants, 
emptying out half the water, netting the Neon's and Pleco's and will humanely 
use them in my garden. Replant the plants, refill and wait.

But while on that subject, anyone have an ich treatment that is not also a 
plant destroyer?

David Napierkowski
Focaipoint at aol_com
(The Aquarium Center NOW
has a lifelong  exclusive
customer notwithstanding a 70 mile
r/t drive)