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Emersed-grown Echinodorus


I have an Echinorodus (unknown species) growing out of fish bowl.  Many of
the developing leaves (all emersed) develop small black areas on the leaf
margin near the tip and as the leaf grows the leaf tip deforms around that

The problem doesn't seem to be severe - even aesthetically, as the plant
remains quite attractive.  The plant seems otherwise to be in good health.  
I do wonder though what might cause the problem.  My big tom cat has taken
to sticking his face through all the leaves to get a drink out of the bowl
and I've wondered if that contact might cause problems for new leaves.  
Also, our humidity has been very low and I spray the plant a couple times
a day so I also thought the damage could be either from low humidity or
from water on the leaves.  Any ideas or other opinions?

Roger Miller