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Re: Flag Fish chasing Apisto's question

I've found male flagfish can be a bit aggressive when they were first 
introduced to a community tank.  This was really 1 of 3 males, I guess the 
boss guy. It chased whatever it could go after. After probably 1 week, he 
stopped harrassing. I recall adding some other fish that might have put him 
in his place. (A betta temporarily?)  I don't think they are very aggressive 
fish. I think initially it might be a stake for territory (food). Probably 
starving from the lfs. I feed them well and they're quite friendly now. When 
I had no females in this tank, he was getting very friendly with a female 
blue ram in there, rubbing his body along hers and following her everywhere. 
Now that I've put some female flagfish in, he pretty much keeps his 
affections to his own kind.


> I've added a pair of american flag fish to my 25 gallon (planted angel and 
>  apisto) tank,
>  my flag fish seems to chase everything in my tank? is this common? i 
>  they were peaceful, fm what i've read off the net...
>  or is it something i'm doing wrong?