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Re:postenje's Hair Grass / SAEs / Florida Flag Fish

I have four kinds of hair grass for sale/trade:

I don't know why SAE's and Amano shrimps EVER got so popular w/ us plant
people.  SAEs are finniky algae eaters w/ low appetites.  You have to watch
them for days to see them eat any algae!  They have never served as
effective tools for algae control in my tanks (I have never had red hair
algae).  I desided to try a preliminary experiment: I added a small patch
of green hair algae to a two-year-old 39gal aquarium with a SAE.  I am
watching this algae patch grow from 1sq" to 6sq" today...so I feel this is
anecdotal enough for me to say ,,,"S---w this!" and throw in a FFF!  NOW
this is an algae eater!

FFF cost $0.99 each down here and I have been catching them in local canals
(thanks for the tip Eppler!).  Compare that to $3.99 EACH for SAEs!!!
Controlling algae may be a convenience thing for most of us at best and at
worst controlling algae keeps the "ball-an'-chain" off our backs so we dont
get arguements about that expensive tank (gross), ruining the decore
...yhadda, yhadda.  For me, plants are now a serious endevor and SAEs are
out.  A one-two combination of FFF, Otos and my Plant Guild substrate
nutrient injector are effective, efficient & inexpensive!


Feed your PLANTS not the ALGAE!
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