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re: Morons

Dear all,

This is a fairly pleasant list which I enjoy reading. I would encourage all
involved to desist from unkind behaviour and flaming.
It doesn't get any of us further advanced and only entrenches our biases. 

The problem with exotic plant introductions is that we all have a share of
guilt. Australia itself is overrun with animals from Europe (rabbits, foxes,
feral cats, pigs) and terrestrial pest plants from Central and South America
and Africa  (lantana, mesquite, rubber vine etc), not to mention European
carp decimating the Murray-Darling River System, introduced trout in
southern waterways, Tilapia in tropical streams, and introduced water weeds
such as Water Hyacinth, Salvinia, Cabomba and the like. Even attempts at
biocontrol have backfired on us like the introduction of the infamous
Queensland cane toad now marching across the Top End toward the world
heritage Kakadu National Park. We of course have done our bit by providing
rampant Melaleucas (Tea Trees/Paperbarks) for the Florida Everglades; and
ever-spreading Eucalypt trees. So Australians get a bit twitchy about
quarantine and can become a bit aggro.

But alas most of us in the hobby are all dealing in introduced and exotic
organisms - including ourselves in many environments. Unfortunately - or
perhaps depending on the viewpoint - fortunately- , the aquarium hobby, the
nursery trade and agriculture have translocated plants and animals from all
around the world for our pleasure and profit  - a few uninformed amateurs
have released their unwanted specimens into creek systems and rivers rather
than destroy them; and maybe one or two may have had manevolent intent. 

So despite most of us being prepared to do the right thing with exotic
animals - we all now have quarantine and noxious weed/animal regulations to
abide by - most informed aquarists would not release exotic organisms into
native environments and could be trusted with all manner of fish and plants
(well at least I'd like to hope so !). Anyway no chance of getting that
prize Piranha specimen into Aussie !

Pet shops have a role to play here to brief customers and take unwanted
livestock/plants for resale or safe disposal. Lobby your LFS to spread the

Anyway please be nice to each other !   {and while I'm on the soap-box, I
don't mind the odd discrete info-mercial on this list either ... keeps us
informed }

Ken Brook