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Re: Smuggling plants: Clear cut right/wrong??

I won't paste in Ali's entire posting, but rather simply respond to it in 
whole.  Here in the US we have English sparrows and starlings out-competing 
most songbirds.  We have thisles from Ireland and dandilions from Germany.  
We have tropical plants choking southern waterways.  We have zebra mussels 
choking municipal water supplies and water treatment outputs.  We have fire 
ants destroying the native populations all over "Dixie", and they are finding 
ways to adapt to colder climates.  A few weeks ago on this very list we had a 
case of someone accidentally introducing Java moss into water gardens all 
over the neighborhood.  And we are spending bundles trying to stop the damage 
to wetlands being done to purple loosestrife.

The government regulations may be a ppain, and not even particularly 
effective, but we have to start somewhere.  These regulations are generally 
written by well-meaning but poorly informed politicians.  If you don't like 
the rules, work to educate those writing them.

Bob Dixon