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Re: Moron?

>You are an absolute moron.
>If you even consider smuggling in live plant matter.

Wow! I guess I'm a moron too. A crypt smuggler! You could add many very well
known plant folks to this list of moronic, brainless smugglers also.

>Even though I am in Australia the harm it could possibly do to your Aquatic
>eco system and even ours in the long run is recomhensible.
>I have imported plants in to Australia legally and the restrictions are that
>tight that no plant is ever allowed to leave your quarantine room and must
>be destroyed and witnessed and would imagine it is the same where you are if
>you country has any brains which I hope has more e than you.
As far as the country (USA) having brains and it's people........well that's
on another list........:)

I think what your *trying* to say in general is great,although I doubt the
manner in which you called Kean a moron is..........
Insults don't help anything or anyone.
Be nice or don't add to this list! 

Tom Barr