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Re: Calibrating Probe


I have an Ultra-life controller. I will tell you how
I do mine, which should work as long as your buttons
are labeled like mine.

I have a slide switch which can be set on either "M"
or "S". I slide it to "M" and stick my probe in the 
7.0 solution, make sure you rinse with distilled water
first and every time you switch between the different
ph solutions. Wait until it stops moving and adjust
the little screw that says "Calibrate" or "Cal" to get
7.0. One little note, Only use ph solutions that come
in a one time use packet. Don't use a bottle of the 
solution over and over because it's not very accurate.
After you rinse then stick the probe in 4.00 solution.
After it calms down, adjust the screw that says "Slope"
until you get 4.00. Do this back and forth between 
solutions until no adjustment is needed. Then set the slide
switch to "S" and set the desired and set your ph.
Example: If you set to 7.00 your controller will turn on
your co2 system, and if you have the bubble rate set ok
it should turn off at 6.95 and equal out at 6.93.

Once you've done that set the slide switch back to "M" and
your all set. Another note, the solutions should have different
readings at different room or "ambient" temperatures.

Also, you might have to put your controller on a dedicated
circuit (a line that runs no other appliance or fixture).
Watch your controller when the lights go on and off or
when you unplug a heater or pump. If the controller goes
crazy, you will need a dedicated line. 

Hope this helps. Don't hesitate to ask me any more questions.


>My pinpoint pH probe arrived today and there's no directions for calibrating 
>it.  There are directions on the calibration packets that read, "Immerese 
>probe into solution."  Ummm...ok....so do it before I connect the probe to 
>the controller or after?  How long is it supposed to say immersed?  How 
>often will I need to re-calibrate?  I got packets of 4.000 and 7.000. I 
>assumed this is what I needed after reading posts.

>Thanks again everybody for your help,