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Snail Eggs

I have been looking everywhere for info on the care of snail eggs.  Looked
around the Krib and various other sites to no avail.  I also posted to
rec.aquaria.freshwater.misc and plants to no avail either.  All info is
about killing snails and getting rid of them.  So now, I turn to everyone on
this list...  Hope someone here can help!

On my last visit to the LFS, I asked for some snails so they gave me about
snails for free.  Great, I have some treats for my Loaches.  Now I think I
have 1 snail left.  The snails have deposited eggs all over but the fish
munched em up.  The last snail must of gotten smart because he
laid some eggs between my PowerHead and the aquarium glass.  Question is...
How long does it take for the eggs to "hatch" (some eggs are between 1/32 -
1/16 of an inch)   I want to do a water change but am afraid the snail eggs
would die when exposed to air.  If they are exposed to air, how long can
they survive?  Can I put the snail egg sacks into another container (maybe
an iced tea pitcher) until they hatch?  If I can put them into another
container, what kind of care do they need?  I think they are Ramshorns
because MTS are livebearers right?  The sacks are a clear jello like gel
with 20 or so little dots in em.  They are snail eggs right?  I don't want
to kill them, I want a constant supply to do their job in the tank...  clean
up the algae, and other junk in the aquarium (yes I know need MANY of em)
but I also want a supply for my Loaches.  :-)