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"Iron Green"?

I have one of those N03 deficient aquariums and I'm a bit puzzled
about what I should do about it.  I haven't looked for any whatever,
whatever stump remover, but I did find a product at WalMart that has
potential.  Unfortunately I am unsure whether or not to put this stuff
in the aquarium.

The product is called "Iron Green" from Shultz and this is the make-up:

    Total Nitrogen: 8% (Urea Nitrogen)
    Magnesium:      1% (Water Soluble)
    Sulfur:               5% (Water Soluble)
    Iron:                  6% (Water Soluble)

Product label also mentions that there are no dyes or other additives.

Questions are as follows:

    Any idea about the safety of this products use in the aquarium?
    Would this make a good base for PMDD?
    Will this stuff supply the N03 that I need?
    I have about 38g of water, any idea what dosage level would be good?

    Any comments?

All of my plants look healthy and seem to be growing rather nicely, but
I want to keep ahead of the N03 deficiency before it really does become