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Re: crinum calamistratum


I was told by the plant supplier that it's pretty indestructible. Sounds like 
it might already be done for. If the bulb was already kicked around a bit too 
much, which it looks like it has, there's not much I can do, I guess, but 
cross my fingers.

How did you get the brood bulbs? You mentioned it likes light--do you observe 
different growth (rates) under different lighting?



> I've had this plant likely longer than anyone in the USA besides Dan Q. It
>  likes light and is a slow grower at first. It may take some time before it
>  gets going(perhaps 2-6 months maybe less). Mine are nice and big( I think I
>  have about 10 or so). Your gravel should be fine. The bulb is sensitive and
>  some folks have suggested wrapping it in peat, then planting the bulb. I
>  didn't fine this to work very well and it caused more problems for me. I
>  also have 2 plants that are aquatica but I'm not sure if they are different
>  types or varieties. Same applies to them. I just make sure I'm very careful
>  not to bruise the bulb when I plant them and also DO NOT move them unless
>  you have to. They hate this. Over the years I have gotten 2 brood bulbs. I
>  would suspect that it will take quite some time for anyone to propagate 
>  plant and most will never do it unless they keep it for many years
>  undisturbed. One of my top 5 fav plants. It not picky as far as temp
>  goes.......72 to 85F.