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Re: RE:Algae/bio/bleach/Cladophora

This is interesting. In my very limited experience, I found that it's 
generally one type of algae that seems to take over. I've had two different 
tanks with different types of algae infestations at the same time, and trying 
to introduce another algae was useless--it couldn't get a foothold. For 
instance, I found that the green furry algae was not compatible with bba. 
When I noticed the bba was brought in the tank with green furry algae and it 
didn't make it, I tried introducing green furry algae in the tank infested 
with bba to try to get rid of the bba, to no avail. When I set up a new tank 
with plants and spores of both, the bba took off, rather than the green.

Maybe this is why algae doesn't get algae. So maybe it would be easier to 
just grow a green hair algae tank. One wouldn't have to worry about getting 
other algae. It doesn't look half bad either--but would be rather monotonous. 
Maybe the black thread algae and the green fur algae for color variation, 
though I didn't try to see if these worked out together, as I'd already 
eliminated the black thread plague.

Sick of bba

> These days I induce algae to grow in my test tanks. It ain't easy sometimes!
>  At least getting the type you want to grow is not. Maybe I'm sick for doing
>  this. I wonder sometimes. I have even tried using one type to see if it got
>  rid of another type of algae. This didn't work with the ones I was trying
>  out. Maybe it may work on another mix of algae. Since some are harder than
>  others to get rid of I figured why not get a "cold" to cure "cancer". So 
>  it's not looking that good. 
>  I just like to have as many methods/weapons to kill algae as I can. 
>  I have an algae ball, Cladophora, (Rataj, pg 49) that I'm keeping as a nice
>  addition to my tank.
>  It's very neat but a slow grower. So what happens when you algae gets 
>  What then?
>  Regards, 
>  Tom Barr