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Re: dwarf gourami


I have a 2 male dwarf gouramis and 2 females. The females were brought in
because the male was constantly blowing a bubble nest, and I thought I'd
provide him with a mate. He didn't like either female, and chased either
one away whenever they came near, along with all other fish, protecting his
nest. Other than when he was in the spawning way, he's not too terribly
aggressive, though. There was more equal sparring between he and the two 
females, e.g. fighting over food, they'd flap each other on the head with 
their tail fin, and the females weren't specifically victimized.

OTOH, I recently brought home what I thought was a peaceful male blue
gourami. At least he was in the tank at the LFS, and initially upon
introduction to the tank. He's become more and more aggressive and
territorial, but especially hates the female dwarf gouramis. The second
they poke their head out of hiding, he's after them. I've seen him 
chase them all over the tank, under driftwood, behind plants, pursuing them
relentlessly, to a much further extent than he would chase any other fish,
which he would chase away and then give it up once he'd driven them away. I 
don't know why.

Sometimes adding another sparring partner (say another male) helps, or
changing the pecking order, so to speak, by adding a common enemy. I'm
sorry I can't be of much more help. I haven't figured out the psychology of
fish yet. This blue gourami's days are numbered in my tank, if he doesn't 
give up his nasty ways.


>Also I added a female dwarf gourami to my tank to go with my male yesterday
>and all the male seems to do is chase it around and behave agressively..
>reason for this ? will he calm down ?