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Re: Yeast CO2, Rigid Bottle Suggestion

Wayne wrote:

>When I built the stand for my tank I made it quite low as wanted to make it
>easy to reach the bottom of the tank without standing on anything so a lot
>of bottles don't fit in the stand heightwise. I have been keeping my eyes
>peeled for rigid bottles that are low enough but I have not seen any.


I had the same problem, not much height in my stand.  I'm using a 1.3 gallon plastic gasoline can I picked up at Walmart for under $2.00.  It's certainly rigid, and shorter than the typical "bottle", which makes it stable too.  I use a rubber stopper for the output line.  I also use the gas can cap screwed on over the rubber stopper to ensure it won't work its way loose.  You will have to drill a larger diameter hole in the cap to run the output line through.  I also had to cut the rubber stopper's height down a little to get the cap over it.  One more thing, you will need to plug the vent cap on the gas can too.  Just "closing" it won't be tight enough.  I removed the entire vent cap, then siliconed an appropriate sized plastic hole plug to seal it.  Both the rubber stopper and hole plug were purchased at the local hardware store for $0.50 total.

Hope this helps!