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Crinum calamistratum

I received this plant a few weeks ago, in somewhat poor condition. It had one 
short root, about 1/4-1/2 inch, and a single, white leaf, cut off to about 
1". It's attempting to grow new leaves. The other day, I was rooting around 
in the tank, adding some iron/mineral tabs, and it seemed loose still. I 
fiddled around a bit and out it came--it hadn't even attempted to root. I 
noticed where roots had been (before shipment to me), there were circular 
blackened spots, as if the roots had rotted off, and the one shortened root 
was not doing anything. I nipped this root again with a knife and replanted 
it. I guess the plant is growing from reserves in the bulb, but not real 
well. Is there anything I can do with this to encourage growth & rooting? 
Substrate is flourite and gravel w/terralit added.

Thanks in advance,