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RE:CO2 reactors

>Tom writes:
>You don't get as much clogging but you also can't see if it's clogged
>either. I prefer the maintenance that I can see and figure out what's wrong
>at a glance.
>I reply:
>I tried it with clear tubing but it just didn't work. I think that since the
>header is located inside the tank and is fully exposed to the lights the
>algae grew very quickly and clogged the garden hose rings within a few
>weeks. I would then have to take the thing apart and try and clean the
>rings. With opaque tubing there is no maintainance at all so far except for
>rinsing the sponge every few weeks which is a much easier job.
Ever tried placing it down further inside your tank? Like the bottom back
where it's very dark(Typically the darkest)? This is the best place to place
the diffusers- HP disc-LP reactors etc as the output trickles up through the
plants, gives the CO2 the most contact time with the plants, can provide
gentle even current at the bottom, rising up through the plants, keeps all
CO2  equipment cleaner being a very dark spot in your tank and keeps the
stuff out of sight except from the side but you can change this also. If the
opaque stuff is easier, by all means keep it. Prefiltering the reactors can
be important depending on design/detritus levels. 
Can you place the header outside the tank? A simple long hose about 4 ft
long hanging all rolled up off the backside of the tank works well too. I
direct the output with a spray bar along the bottom(see above). 
Tom Barr