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glossostigma being dug up

According to what you stated is it a good idea to leave out teh American 
Flag fish for my algae crew and just keep the amano shrimp, sae and octo's 
then. i haven't got a chance to buy any american flag fish yet.. but wanted 
to do some research first before they start to tear down my aquascaping!

>Clown loaches are great diggers.  When mine were young they used to
>excavate holes in the substrate looking for trumpet snails.  If the clown
>loaches didn't pull up the glosso, then my next guess would be that the

hmm.. i don't have any flag fish, so i'd guess it's the clown loaches...

Anybody have any ideas how i can catch the 2 remaining clown loaches out of 
my 66 gallon planted tank? without destroying my current tank.. (took me 
forever to take out a breeding pair of german rams last month and I really 
don't like the experience)

i've tried the technique of using a pop bottle with the top part inverted 
with some food pellets in the pop bottle.. didn't work, other fish went in 
instead, and ate all the pellets! (had to take the bottle out  i didn't want 
those fish in there to overfeed!!!)

>Flag fish did.  They bite and pull on leaves with enough force to uproot
>small plants that aren't well-established.
>Roger Miller
>In Albuquerque where last night the fire crews at Los Alamos - after a day
>of fighting firestorms in shifting, 50 mph winds - requested donations of
>clean underwear.

thanks for a quick reply!

Raymond Wong

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