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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #280

Malaysia plants. From what I know and hear the air port will not let you 
bring any seeds or plants back if they know you have them. You have two ways 
to do it. get seeds cut all the leafs off and keep them in you pocket. 
Wrapped in wet toilet paper and suran wrap. Or you can ship it to your self 
from over their. But again you would have to have some permits and crap. If I 
was you put all the plants in a small box and write the contents as baseball 
cards and send it to you self. Hope this helps. I am looking for some large 
aquatic plants that grow off in the ditches their. Urospatha Cyrtosperma 
Lasiomorpha Lasia. If you know what they are and could get a piece I would 
love to hear about it THANKS.