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Re: Yeast CO2

I wrote:

>Since I use DIY CO2 the most important thing for me is to make sure the the
>pump intake never becomes clogged in such a way that it creates a vacuum in
>the yeast/sugar bottle as it can collapse the bottle and suck in the
>contents into the tank.

Tom wrote:

Rigid juice bottles fit the bill perfectly and don't collapse under suction.

I reply:

When I built the stand for my tank I made it quite low as wanted to make it
easy to reach the bottom of the tank without standing on anything so a lot
of bottles don't fit in the stand heightwise. I have been keeping my eyes
peeled for rigid bottles that are low enough but I have not seen any. The
reason I want them in the stand is because I use the lighting ballasts to
heat the bottles. The 1 gallon glass bottles sold in wine shops would be
perfect but they are too tall.

Another important consideration is to make the
>device out of something opaque. Clear containers and tubing become clogged
>with algae and will require maintainance. I have been using this final
>version of my setup for 6 months now and so far no maintainance has been

Tom writes:

You don't get as much clogging but you also can't see if it's clogged
either. I prefer the maintenance that I can see and figure out what's wrong
at a glance.

I reply:

I tried it with clear tubing but it just didn't work. I think that since the
header is located inside the tank and is fully exposed to the lights the
algae grew very quickly and clogged the garden hose rings within a few
weeks. I would then have to take the thing apart and try and clean the
rings. With opaque tubing there is no maintainance at all so far except for
rinsing the sponge every few weeks which is a much easier job.

 Does anyone know of a source for that type of

Tom wrote:

Kent Marine I think sell this. Debron Aquatics sell it I believe and so do
many Reef places. There are bound to be other places that sell/make it too.

I reply:

Coincidentally, I was working in a machine tool shop yesterday and they had
this stuff on their machines. They told me that machine tool suppliers sell
it. The stuff they buy is called Flexlock tubing so I now know where to get
it locally. It is not cheap though as it runs about $15 per foot. I think it
would be worth it though for fine tuning the circulation pattern in an