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Re: Yeast CO2

>Since I use DIY CO2 the most important thing for me is to make sure the the
>pump intake never becomes clogged in such a way that it creates a vacuum in
>the yeast/sugar bottle as it can collapse the bottle and suck in the bottles
>contents into the tank. 

Rigid juice bottles fit the bill perfectly and don't collapse under suction.

Another important consideration is to make the
>device out of something opaque. Clear containers and tubing become clogged
>with algae and will require maintainance. I have been using this final
>version of my setup for 6 months now and so far no maintainance has been

You don't get as much clogging but you also can't see if it's clogged
either. I prefer the maintenance that I can see and figure out what's wrong
at a glance. 

 Does anyone know of a source for that type of

Kent Marine I think sell this. Debron Aquatics sell it I believe and so do
many Reef places. There are bound to be other places that sell/make it too.
Tom Barr